domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2008

Charles Aznavour - No, I could never forget

I never really thought,
we’d ever meet again.
But fate deals out the hands:
we must take what it has chosen.
Locked in a hour glass
you appeared, time was frozen.
No, I could never forget.

I look upon your face,
I can’t believe my eyes.
Passing time it's often cruel,
it fades youth like a flower.
But you have never changed,
where the years but an hour?
No, I could never forget, never forget.

Married, me? Heavens no,
I’m still single, but happy.
To be free, unattached
and between you and me,
better that than ill matched,
though at times I feel lonely.
But enough about me,
let’s drink to you and life.
How've you been all these years?
Are you happy and well?
No? I guess I could tell
that your marriage has ended,
to your parents’ regrets,
That’s not what they intended.
No, I could never forget.

Who could have ever known,
without a single word,
that we’d come face to face?
There’d not been any reason.
I thought all things must die,
as a time or a season.
No, I could never forget.

I don’t know what to say,
it’s like some crazy dream,
the way the past returns,
all my memories unbroken.
Yes, I remember too
every word that was spoken.
No, I could never forget,
never forget.

a foolish age,
we thought love was our treasure.
But your father said no,
you would marry someone
with position and name:
you’d receive life’s full measure.
And he said with a smile,
I’m sure you'll understand!
So, with love in our lives,
we exchanged love that buys.
But your father was shrewd:
all my unanswered letters
drove me soon to conclude
things had worked for the better.
No, I could never forget.

The hour is getting late,
this place is closing down.
Come, yes come
I’ll walk you home
through the streets
dark and empty,
like in our foolish days
of kisses stolen nightly.
No, I could never forget.

A season was for us,
a season for our love
and we were not afraid
as autumn turned to winter.
As long as there’s youth,
it is springtime forever.
No, no I could never forget,
never forget.

the warmth I feel
in these moments together.
We’ve recaptured the time
in the midst of our youth,
when two hearts were in rhyme
and were light as a feather.
But we both know the truth:
we must live for today.
So, I’ll ask,
if I may,
if you’d like me to stay?
If this time we can share
what the past was concealing,
if you’re lonely and care,
if you have the same feeling.
if, you’re remembering yet,
all those things
that I could never forget.

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