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jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2008
It seems to me that now the time is near,
and in some solitude
I try to reach my peace with that.
Nothing to say
and no desire to be clear.

Enclose within myself,
surrounded by the walls
I build around me,
to keep me save
from all that comes across my mind
and sets a fire in my soul
that has no other reason in this life
but to be whole.

Enclosed within myself I go
creating an adventure
to sued my taste for happiness,
but soon I have to look
for that which is within,
for I can´t find due rest
with conflict thoughts
imprisoned in my soul.

And so I must return to you,
to the memory of you
and those decisions that feed my fears,
and there I must find
the saving grace
that I also have within.

The errors of my past
must now become
the teachers of today.